Moonbeam Alpha

For those of you who’ve watched Dick Cavett’s Watergate (here), one can see how there’s an obsession in controlling critics of government, policy, and political figures. Nixon was obsessed with it to the point he had audio/visual surveillance of his critics, whenever possible. In Cavett’s case, Nixon complains to Liddy that they need to really “screw” Cavett. That meant firing up the FBI and IRS. Here, that means targeting a local gun club. The local media will print anything about it. Even down to a new load of gravel on the driveway. Too bad they can’t report about violence in Mannette, property crime, and car thefts from public parking lots. Here’s one editor’s response to a lack of critical reporting on crime statistics (here).

Our recent history includes a former SKSD board member making “unsustainable” charges against a voter in her district, by way of filing for a Protective Order (here). A former mayor, and a drunk driving one, abused commenting by creating an estimated 16 different aliases (here). That’s how government officials deal with dissenting, or contrary opinions within the voting public.

We don’t seem to have stories about Monsanto marches, chalk drawing dissenting opinions, or critical examinations on the fitness of public officials, or the budgeted expenditures foisted upon the public. There’s little, to no reporting on the eligibility of people running for elected offices. Do they live in the district (Josh Brown)? Do they have an education (Abby Burlingame, Chris Tibbs)? Do they have a criminal record? Does it get reported?

At a recent Bremerton City Council meeting, the City Clerk used a racial slur and directed it at the citizens in attendance. NO front page coverage by the Sun there. How about the mayor causing a chain reaction wreck involving THREE vehicles? Back page blog, and no followup on a court date, unless somebody asks about it for six weeks. What about a court date for that fine, because other people get summoned to court for those things, just not Peppermint Patty, right? Go to , and see for yourself. Zilch, on if downtown developments like the SEEFilm are profitable, status of the serial killer investigation, and the epidemic proliferation of used drug needles all over the place.

Is there a controversy about Harrison’s finances, employment, and development plans? Yes. Is there a communications officer there, with a spouse in an editorial capacity at a local media source? Yes. Is it reported? No. In fact, when it comes to keeping the local media from examining the use of public money, these entities just end up employing a spouse, or a drinking buddy of the local media.

So look to this blog in the coming days ahead to start outing government workers, and their associates, and examine the roles these people play in our society. As I write this, various government employees continue to attempt to silence critics on Facebook by claiming that dissenting opinions are spam, thus getting comments removed and accounts deactivated.

Get your popcorn ready, this election season is about to get interesting. And as a prelude, we will next chat about that city clerk, Ms. Shannon L Corin. Because when S. L. Corin talks, she uses racial slurs……


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