Another Episode of N00b Strube News….

Let’s look at how local officials are treated by the media, as to their qualifications for elected, or appointed office.

Go back to 2009, in the SKSD school board race (here).

Then in 2010 we had the qualifications issues surrounding the Bremerton Finance Director (here). She only lasted 6 months and didn’t really live in the area.

The most recent case involved a school board candidate in Bremerton (here).

That gets us to our latest questionable appointment, Michael Strube as a member of the Bremerton Planning Commission.

Most people would suspect that he got the appointment based upon his quality of work, and the reorganization of the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce. He “resigned” from that job last week. And for some time, has had members of the community, along with chamber members, asking what the hell was he doing. My previous entry talked about his latest flame war on Facebook.

Seriously, are you running the business of the Chamber, or are you running for elected office, tending bar and attending “after show” parties at the Admiral Theater, or going to numerous Ampitheater rock concerts in the state? Listen to this interview (here).

Since personal conduct is sometimes examined by the media, let’s run Strube. Case number #322012 in Bremerton Municipal Court. How about his antics on Facebook? Did you know he’s been online commenting on local media sites, as Nate Grey, Dave in Wa, etc? Is he even able to keep the Chamber website up and running? Evidently not.

And about that website, let’s compare to a site in Port Orchard (here), and Silverdale (here). These websites are up and running, recruiting businesses (not losing them), and putting out events and monthly newsletters. Obviously, that hasn’t happened in some time at the Bremerton website.

So, there’s two challenges out there to the media, and the city mayor. Are you guys actually involved in the selection and vetting of your government officials? For the Sun, are you people going to “follow the trail”, or even offer a pointed editorial for the selection processes and hopes for better qualified candidates? For the mayor, will this inspire you to get a city clerk upgrade? Because someone could write a similar entry and ask, how the hell is Shannon L. Corin qualified to work as the city clerk….

So let me ask the big question. It’s after 2:00am, is it safe to assume that your government officials are at home, sober, and ready to start the workday?

Programming Note: Catch a podcast with Lary Coppola handicapping the election this Fall (here). As a reference, his thoughts on the primary (here). Lary’s thoughts on online commenting (here). And yes, how actually Lary used anonymous online commenting (here), (here), and of course, his late night antics (here).


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