Out Fuchsing Around…….

Go ahead and read this.

So allegedly, we all know what she likes to do, and who she’s doing it to, after school. But I have concerns about reduced bail considering what’s been alleged, and that as a popular teacher, there’s the possibility of getting other students to harass and bully the alleged victim.

Could I speculate about her hiring? How many of her relatives work for the school district, are affiliated with the county government? Who did the background check, and if asked in a public records request, would there be a cash receipt, or warrant item on the books for it?

Y’all remember a guy by the name of Scott Anthony Fuchs? Read about him here and his previous arrest, here.

Keep in mind this guys was caught making videos, more than 50 HOURS worth on an iPhone. Which coincidently (?), was done by this girl, with the same last name.

Here’s his sentencing data.

The Judge in this case was Anna Laurie. She’s given notice that she will retire at the end of June, back on the 1st, of May. Keep in mind that Ms. Fuchs was arrested one week later. And her next court date is in July, after the Judge has retired.
Here’s my last thought. Is there a LIVING, BREATHING, CRITICAL THINKING reporter/editor willing to actually report on this story, or should I look forward to more fluff pieces about Bruce Jenner’s transformation?


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