Millions and Millions….

By now, most people should be aware of the latest temporary hire at the South Kitsap. Karst Brandsma is the latest budget busting hire of $150K+, after 61 teachers were forced out of the district in 2013. And as always, they overpaid again, for a guy who was a central figure in videotaping a teacher in her classroom, for questionable purposes. Here’s what one parent had to say about him.

Here’s an an article that was cached to a regional labor group’s blog.
It’s important because when I went back to review prior district conflicts in the archives at the Kitsap Sun, they’ve been purged of all finance audits and leadership issues. Gone, are all the reports on finance and layoff issues in 2012-2013. No mention on if school levy money was properly spent on roofing, as well as reporting on reimbursements for car care, mileage, and a smartphone allowance for Bev Chaney during her previous interim stint. A harder search for other controversial issues like drunk mayors, passenger ferry mishaps, etc., also returned blank. So the fix is in here folks.

This is a bad hire. And I predict that this individual will have a negative effect on the community. And no where in the press release does it say Mr. Brandsma will reside in the district.

Update: Prior to publication, I emailed the corporate people for the Sun’s new ownership, USA Today, about this story , which was restored, about former board member, and onetime president, Kathryn Simpson. The story should speak for itself. And I would remind readers that she has since left the area, and no longer lives here. Lastly, I expect this article to mysteriously disappear within the next week. So, for reference and preserving the true record, here it is.
A school board member’s request for a protection order against a resident, which was based on a comment posted at, has been denied.

Kathryn Simpson, a member of the South Kitsap School Board, asked the court to keep South Kitsap resident Mary Colborn from coming within 300 feet of Simpson or her children at her home, work or school district property.

The request came in late April after Colborn wrote a post-story comment about her “intense dislike” for Simpson, saying, “Shall we meet in the parking lot, Ms. Simpson? Maybe with knives and metal pipes.”

The April 23 story was regarding a vacancy on the school board that was filled by Naomi Polen. The comment was removed by Kitsap Sun staff at the time, as it violated the user agreement that asks readers to refrain from being abusive to one another.

In court papers Simpson asked that Colborn not be allowed to attend South Kitsap school board meetings without seven days prior written authorization and that she stay 50 feet away from her and her children in public. Simpson wrote in her request that Colborn’s comment “crossed the boundary between disagreement and threat of physical harm. Respondent has become increasingly harassing to me in the last year.”

Judge Stephen J. Holman ruled that Simpson did not meet the burden of proof and dismissed the protection order.

This story has been edited since its original publication to include the name of the judge.   Kitsap Sun, May 16, 2008


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